• Getting an uncontested divorce

Getting an uncontested divorce

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This litigation package explains the process to be followed in obtaining an unopposed divorce (a divorce by agreement between the spouses). You’ll be given a step-by-step guide to the process and based on the information you provide during an online interview, we will also draft a divorce summons and particulars of claim on your behalf.
Divorces can be complicated, especially when children and large amounts of assest are involved. So if you can afford to, it is always advisable to get an attorney to represent you in a divorce. As a result, this litigation package is designed to give you the basic documents you need to get started with your divorce. You will also receive guidance on the issues you’ll need to discuss and agree on before you get started with the divorce process. You’ll probably still need the assistance of a lawyer, but you can expect that the fees that will be charged will be greatly reduced because much of the litigation documentation will already have been completed.