• How to register your child’s birth

How to register your child’s birth

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The birth of a healthy child is always a happy occasion, but it comes with some statutory obligations. The Birth and Death Registration Amendment Act, 1997 stipulates that the birth of a child must be reported within 30 days after birth.
The notice of birth must be given by the child’s parents or legal guardian, or someone authorized by them. The registration of the birth may become more complicated if the parents aren’t married or if the registration doesn’t occur within the prescribed 30 day period.
This online interview and advice session gives you a detailed account of the procedure you need to follow to register your child’s birth. You can also receive information on what to do if you have missed the 30 day deadline or if you would like to register the child with a surname different to that of the father or the mother.
Use this interview and advice session to take control of this important first step in your child’s life.