• Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

R 140

Contract Summary:
Good business relies on the pursuit of opportunities and the potential for co-operation. But how do you achieve these goals without exposing the confidential information that forms the critical backbone of your business?
By requesting a potential business partner, investor, client, employee or contractor to sign our Confidentiality Agreement before any information is disclosed to them, you are able to secure the confidentiality of your business information. In this way, your business gains the benefit of essential contractual remedies that are triggered immediately if its confidential information is threatened and/or disclosed without your authority. Moreover, the very existence of the agreement makes it clear to everyone concerned that you take the confidential information of your business seriously and that the disclosure thereof will have serious consequences.
By applying a comprehensive definition of “confidential information”, our Confidentiality Agreement also ensures that the full range of the sensitive information generated in the ordinary course of your business is covered by the terms of the agreement.
The agreement caters for the following situations in which the confidential information of your business could be exposed:
  • You want to present a business proposal to the another party, or to discuss and negotiate a future business relationship with them.
  • You are about to employ someone who will have access to the confidential information whilst performing their employment duties.
  • You have previously employed someone who has gained access to confidential information which you now wish to protect.
  • You have contracted with someone to deliver services to, or perform functions on behalf of, the business.
  • Someone is contemplating purchasing the business, or a part thereof, and wishes to undertake an investigation of the business.
  • You have agreed to co-operate with someone in relation to matters pertaining to the your business and will be disclosing confidential information to them.
The agreement accommodates situations in which only one of the parties is disclosing confidential information (a unilateral undertaking) and also situations in which both parties will be disclosing confidential information to each other (a mutual or reciprocal undertaking).
All of the above situations, and more, are covered by the agreement. In this manner, our Confidentiality Agreement offers you the opportunity to engage constructively in the pursuit of business opportunities, with peace of mind and meaningful legal protection.