• Sale of Shares Agreement

Sale of Shares Agreement


To fly through your online interview, take a quick look at this information you’re likely to need along the way.

  • The full name, identity/passport/registration number, address and email address of the Purchaser and every Seller.
  • If any of the parties are corporate entities, the full name and identity/passport numbers of their representatives.
  • The full name of the Company, it’s registration number, the address of its place of business and its email address.
  • Details of the shares held by each of the Sellers, including preference shares (if any);
  • The amount of the purchase price that will be allocated to the shares and the amount that will be allocated to loan accounts (if any). If there is more than one seller, the above allocations should be established for each seller.
  • Full information relating to any conditions that have to be fulfilled before the sale will take effect, e.g. the signature of further documents or the provision of accounts;
  • If a due diligence investigation is to be undertaken, its duration and the date on which it will commence;
  • The date by which all conditions must have been fulfilled so that the shares can be transferred and the purchase price paid;
  • Whether a deposit or payment guarantee will be provided towards payment of the purchase price and, if so, the amount of the deposit or guarantee.
  • The interest rate that will apply if the purchase price is paid late.
  • Whether the seller(s) will be entitled to declare and pay a final dividend before the transfer of the shares and, if so, the amount of the dividend.
  • The financial period covered by the Company’s most recent audited financial statements.
  • If a shareholders’ agreement has been concluded in respect of the Company, the date on which it was signed.