• Small Claims Court: How to claim money

Small Claims Court: How to claim money

R 250

The Small Claims Court is a special Court established to deal quickly and cheaply with civil claims of less than R15,000. It caters for claims brought by a private individual against another individual or corporate entity, including (amongst other things) claims to recover a loan; claims for arrear rental; claims for damages arising out of a car accident, personal injury or other wrongful act; claims to enforce a contract (such as a sale; lease or credit agreement) and claims based on a cheque, acknowledge of debt or other similar document.
To ensure that the claim is dealt with cheaply, no lawyers are allowed at the hearing of the matter so you will have the opportunity to state your case in your own words. If you need help along the way, the legal assistants and clerks employed by the Small Claims Courts will assist you free of charge.
This advice session and online interview provides a detailed explanation of the process to be followed in instituting and pursuing a claim in the Small Claims Court. Based on the important information that you will provide during your online interview, we will draft a detailed summons which you can use to institute your claim. You will also be told where to find your nearest Small Claims Court and a step-by-step guide is included so that you will have no difficulty in enforcing your claim.
Make use of this online interview and advice session to enforce your rights cheaply and effectively.