• Standard Conditions of Trade

Standard Conditions of Trade


Whether your business is selling goods or rendering services, it’s essential that you clearly define the terms on which you will be transacting with your customers.
The best way to do this is to ensure that when your business sends a quote, order form, credit application form or similar document to a client, the document is accompanied by Standard Conditions of Trade. In this way, your business is protected by comprehensive contractual terms which are carefully drafted to promote the interests of your business.
Just some of the important aspects covered by the Standard Conditions of Trade include the following:
  • Terms that ensure you are paid on time, or that you receive proper penalties, interest, security and protection if there is a late payment;
  • Your business is granted flexibility in relation to the dates for delivery and you receive indemnity from unforeseen circumstances that prevent or delay delivery;
  • Your business retains the maximum ownership rights possible and is further protected by indemnities and a complete range of remedies that ensure that you can receive the fastest possible relief in the event of a breach of contract.
  • As required by the Consumer Protection Act, terms relating to repairs and warranties, cost estimates and liability limitations are dealt with in detail.
Don’t leave your business exposed to unacceptable risk. Complete this interview and get Standard Conditions of Trade that are customised to the unique needs of your business.