• Stopping domestic violence

Stopping domestic violence

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Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common occurrence in South African society. Domestic violence includes:
  • any form physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse or economic harassment;
  • damage to property or forced entry into a person’s property;
  • stalking and all other forms of abusive or controlling behaviour that cause harm to someone’s health, safety or wellbeing.
No one should have to endure domestic violence. If you are being subjected to any of the above forms of abuse, you can use this interview and advice session to apply for a protection order.
In the course of your interview, we will collect all of the information needed to apply for a protection order and we will then complete all of the necessary documents on your behalf. These will be delivered to you together with a step-by-step guide to obtaining your protection order.
Empower yourself and take the first step to overcoming abuse.