• Tourist Accommodation Indemnity Form

Tourist Accommodation Indemnity Form

R 145

Contract summary:
If you run a business offering accommodation to guests (such as a B&B, hotel, self-catering cottage, backpackers, game farm or similar business), then in terms of South African law you’re fully liable for personal injuries suffered by your guests during their stay. You’re also liable to reimburse your guests for the cost of repairing or replacing any of their property which is damaged, lost or stolen during their stay.
As a result of the above, most tourist establishments ensure that all of their guests sign an indemnity form when they arrive. This is often part of the guest registration process. By signing the indemnity form, the guest agrees that he/she will not institute any claims against the establishment as a result of anything that happens during his/her stay.
Our one-page indemnity form protects tourist establishments against claims by their guests, as well as against claims by anyone accompanying or visiting their guests during their stay. It is comprehensive, carefully researched and drafted to offer maximum legal protection.
This contract is critical to your business if you run an hotel, a B&B, self-catering cottage, backpackers lodge, game farm, nature reserve or any similar business. We’ve kept this one cheap because you simply can’t afford not to protect yourself with this contract!
Full details of the contract:
The drafting process utilized for the tourist accommodation indemnity form includes the following capabilities:

  • All types of tourist accommodation are catered for, including hotels, bed & breakfasts, backpacker lodges, self-catering accommodation, game reserves and nature reserves.
  • The indemnity form covers the establishment against legal claims brought by not only guests themselves but also claims by members of their party and persons visiting the guests whilst they are staying at the establishment.
  • The legal protection offered by the indemnity form protects the owner of the establishment, its operators and its staff.
  • The full range of permissible protection is given against all grounds of potential liability, including strict liability, breach of contract by the establishment, delictual liability due to any negligence, gross negligence or reckless conduct by the establishment and/or any theft or other illegal act by the establishment’s employees.
  • The indemnity prevents claims arising out of the conduct of not only the establishment but also that of its employees or any other persons for whose actions it may be held vicariously liable.

The contents and terms of each tourist accommodation indemnity form are dependent on the responses given during the online interview process. As a result, the above list constitutes a broad overview of the issues typically addressed in the document and is not intended to be comprehensive.