We take our clients’ rights to privacy and security very seriously. Our web-based legal service is protected by the best online security currently available on the market.
We have been accredited by Thawte, the leading global certification authority, and all the information exchanged between our clients’ computers and our website is fully protected by the highest level of Secure Socket Layers (“SSL”) encryption technology and authentication that Thawte has to offer. This industry-leading protection is dedicated to preventing anyone from gaining access to our clients’ personal information.
For added protection, we add a second level of encryption to any personal data that is given to us and we store it offline in a secured Oracle database. The world class database technology developed by Oracle has its own substantial security measures built into it and these are utilised fully by LawUnlocked. These features include the encryption of cached data, user-documents and data-backups.
For complete peace of mind, our website is also protected from any unauthorised exposure by means of a double layer of firewalls, each of which is carefully configured and supplied by separate, specialist providers. As an added measure, password protection of data and documents is inherent in the system.
Since all of our completed documents are encrypted, password-protected and transmitted via secure SSL technology, the information contained in the documents remains fully protected during the delivery of each client’s customised contract.
The payment processes receive a similar level of meticulous security. In addition to the protection offered by Thawte, our website’s payment processes are managed and protected by PayGate – a market leader specialising in secure online payment systems. Their professionalism and affiliation with most major banks allows payments to be made with absolute confidence.
In summary, and in the words of our information technology manager: “By combining all of these features with user abstraction techniques, LawUnlocked employs “Defence in Depth”, multi-layered security measures that, for all practical purposes, make it impregnable to unauthorised access.”
If you want to know more about the terms relating to our privacy and security policies, you can read our “TERMS & CONDITIONS” page, or email us using the “CONTACT US” page.